What Players and Parents are Saying

“Our son chose to learn about lacrosse the Victory Way, but the experience went way beyond skill development and game knowledge. The caring coaching staff also taught him how to be a better teammate, son, brother, friend, student, and citizen. We are grateful for the training and encourage players of all skill levels to join the Victory community.”

– Tom & Maria English

“On our way to the game on Sunday one of our fine young Victory coaches was in the car in front of us. After we exited the freeway and before we reached the school, I saw the young man do something that made me so happy that my son is part of the Victory organization. He reached out his window and handed a homeless man a gift card. It was so fast I almost missed it. My son didn’t though. It made him feel proud that his coach is so kind and giving. WOW! It is one thing to see an organization’s ‘Mission Statement’ but quite another to see these young men living it. Character is what you are when no one is looking – you know who you are Coach – Thank you!”

– Parent

“Thank you Coach!

My wife and I fully support the approach you are taking, the values you are teaching our boys and the importance you are placing on keeping our young men playing, learning and growing and not necessarily on winning at all costs. It’s unfortunate the some of us parents get caught up in living vicariously through our kids and forget about what is really important…teaching our kids how to be strong, positive and continue to strive to do their best despite challenges that may be above their current abilities and skills.

Our boy is not yet one of the gifted players on the field given his newness to the game and some other challenges he will need to overcome before being able to compete at a higher level however; the approach you are taking in fielding U13 teams which affords the kids to see a lot of playing time and providing them with opportunities to develop for a day when the games matter a bit more is certainly the preferred approach to assembling a team of 25 kids which results in limited playing time like the team the boys played this past weekend. I believe your approach will produce kids who possess more advanced skills when they reach high school and beyond.

I also want to thank you for responding so quickly whenever you hear/sense things like this may be creeping into your organization. No one enjoys being on the losing end of lopsided games; it’s much more fun when playing golf with buddy’s, attending a party etc. To tell our friends about how our boys win games…we just have to remind ourselves it’s about our boys and their long term growth and not about instant gratification for us parents.

Stay the course you have used to produce many successful lacrosse players and teams…perhaps in lieu of complaining maybe a few of us parents could find an hour or two more a week to work on our son’s games ourselves.”

– Parent

“Thank you Coach and your staff for a great experience!

My son Christopher very much enjoyed his Victory summer lacrosse camp. He was tired after each day because he worked hard, but at the end he was smiling and even made a few new friends at camp.

Being involved as a parent and assistant coach, I fully understand and appreciate the work involved for a camp to be successful. I would simply like to acknowledge a very well run camp, You have as you know a great group of helpers, a great group of young men.”

– Parent

 “As a dad of a LAX kid, I couldn’t be happier with his experience in Victory this summer. Without exception we have been thrilled with all coaches and guidance they shared over the past year. I’m excited that Eric’s passion for LAX is at an all time high and know that you and all those involved have had a great influence on him and his potential.”

– Parent

“My husband and I were so very impressed with the spring clinics, the wonderful job you and your coaching staff did with the kids, the whole coaching philosophy. In short – we’re fans!”

– Parent

“Coach” – Just wanted to thank you – our son (and us too) had a great experience and we appreciate all your planning and efforts.”

– Parent


“It is with gratitude that we write to thank you for your instruction today. What a fresh change, to see principles other than winning exemplified. We were impressed by your philosophies online (which is why we chose Victory) but spending time observing today far exceeded our expectations. Our son came off  the field and said, ‘This is the best first day of sports that I have ever had, the coaches are all really encouraging and they were all so organized’. We look forward to partnering with you as these boys develop in to fine young men under your leadership. Thank you for sharing your God-given gifts so generously!”

– Parent

 “I want to say firstly that my son loved it yesterday! He wasn’t sure what to wear, so he wore his Naval Academy shorts which are not the normal long shorts. I think he was a bit overwhelmed by all the kids and being its mainly all south county kids he really didn’t know anyone, and he noticed quite a few kids from the same programs. He was one of the smaller guys and kind of lingering near the back of the group most of the time. I was really curious to see what he thought afterwards. He loved it, he said he was a bit nervous. He loved all the coaches, and the young man who just graduated from the Academy helped Jake set his helmet and stick during warm ups and mentioned he was number 17, which is the number of his VLAX pennie. He wanted to tell him so badly he went to the Navy lacrosse camp, and wanted to meet you as well. He has Sectional Finals in San Marcos next week for soccer, and if they don’t finish top two in their group he is determined to get back for lacrosse on Sunday.

The program far exceeds what I expected, and reading the book really has helped me in lots of ways. I have come to draw many of these conclusions, but I think it has helped me connect some line together. I really think this program and book is just another tool to help me be the father I want to be to my son. You may not just be helping the boys, you may by your example help some of to be better fathers. I have ordered 20+ copies of Season of Life, and my idea was to get them to you and get them to the parents. I thought maybe once they read the book the could pass the book on to another person. I should have them by Thursday, and being that we may not make it Sunday. I was wondering if there is somewhere we can send them to you or I can have one of my employees drop them off to you. Sorry for the long email, I get a bit carried away when I am excited about something!”

– Geoff

I just wanted to thank you for the great session yesterday. My wife and I are looking forward to a great experience for our son, Blake. It was great to hear such an emphasis on building the boys’ character. We’ve been very fortunate to have some great youth level coaches in a variety of sports, but unfortunately not enough of them take advantage of the unique opportunity they have to mold the kids into better all-around human beings. I know what a huge part team sports played in my development and feel it is important for kids to learn to work together with others and be supportive of a team environment and that winning is not the only thing!”

– Parent